Luxury Beachfront Home at Boca Chica--The Villa Rosada

Here you can truly have it all. This luxury beachfront home at Boca Chica’s Lost Coast has six bedrooms, five baths home and sits on 1.2 acres of prime Pacific beachfront land. Situated on an outstanding point overlooking the convergence of a wide river and the Pacific Ocean, the villa has an inviting gazebo perched on the promontory’s point from which to view the seascape.

Luxury beachfront home Casa Rosada

The lower level of this spacious luxury beachfront home has an enormous gourmet kitchen with adjacent pantry and laundry areas, living and dining salons, study and maid's room with en-suite full bathroom. The added convenience of a full bathroom just off of the covered parking provides that extra touch of convenience when you return from the beach! With one of the finest stretches of beaches at Boca Chica, Chiriqui you are sure to appreciate this feature as you enjoy your days in the Panama sun.

luxury beachfront home at boca chica

A soaring two-story foyer is just one of the many architectural accents that give this home its unique character. Lovely outdoor spaces on both levels give residents ample opportunities to enjoy the wooded splendor of this tropical retreat. Sea views and sea breezes are just part of the ambiance that lends an idyllic accent to a slice of paradise. Pathways to the Pacific beckon you to stroll and take in the sights and sounds of nature—the howler monkeys calling in the trees, the birds chirping and the lap of the waves against the seashore.

In short, this home represents the best Panama can offer in luxury beachfront home life. Far from the crowds, yet convenient to a city with all the services you need. Removed from hustle and bustle, but with day to day requirements secured. Private, but in a community of like-minded souls determined to enjoy the good life!

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